Best Fish Taco in Bucerias (in my humble opinion)

Best Fish Taco in Bucerias (in my humble opinion)

We love our fish tacos.  In Bucerias you can get them in a lot of places but for me, I have a favorite.  It’s probably a favorite because not only is the battered fish light, tender and juicy, it’s covered in yummy fresh salad; cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and a delicious light chipotle dressing.  You get three of them in an open faced style and I struggle to eat more than two (but they’re so good I keep pushing on).

Where do you find this trio of yumminess?  Karen’s Place on the beach in Bucerias, about a 10 minute walk north from the bridge leading to the square.  They typically only offer the fish tacos on their lunch menu but this summer they had condensed their dinner menu, including these tacos!

MargaritaBy the way, they have a great margarita too.

We love Karen’s not only for these fish tacos but for the general vibe, quality of food, view (they recently expanded their restaurant onto the beach more and have a very cute bar offering “Mixology” concoctions.  It’s one of our favorite restaurants in Bucerias at this time.  It’s less local and more “NorteAmericanos” in customers but we like to mix up our experiences when here and Karen’s is top notch.

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It’s a Mexican Fiesta at Lupita’s on Tuesdays!

It’s a Mexican Fiesta at Lupita’s on Tuesdays!

Every time our family comes to Bucerias, we discover something new.  This time it is a restaurant called Lupita’s, one block west of Lazaro Cardenas on the corner of Benito Juarez and Francisco Madera.  There are colorful Mexican flags, with lights interspersed, stretching across the street right in front of it, open windows into a lovely, modern interior with tables lining the sides of the street below.  The food is described as “fusion grill.”  We had seafood pasta and our son a plain pasta.  It was fine, only comment would be a bit more seafood would have been nice.  But the atmosphere and ambience made up for any less than perfect food experience.  We would go again.

MariachisOn Tuesdays, they have a traditional Mexican fiesta with mariachis performing and Mexican folkloric dance on a stage the staff builds in the moment, stretching across the street.  The scene is something we’ve never seen in this town, people were lining the streets at tables or simply standing with a beer or drink to watch the performance.  The music and dance is high quality a rousing, fun experience for any age.

There is a tequila table, a beer table and even a churro table set up to buy items separately.  We bought a small bag of churros after dinner and all agreed they were the best we’d ever tasted!

Reservations are recommended as this is a very popular night for this restaurant.

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Our Top 5 Bucerias Restaurants

Our Top 5 Bucerias Restaurants

The first post in Bucerias Love is about food.  Our family loves to eat and we have different interests; my husband and I love Mexican; traditional and especially seafood!  But after being in Mexico for a while we often like to expand our pallets and thankfully, there are a growing number of dining choices to fit every budget.  Our son, hard to believe, is not a huge fan of Mexican food but loves pasta and burgers.  But he’ll eat a bean and cheese burrito or a taco here and there too (we are working on that).

Of the listings below, there is something for everyone and likely your vacationing group will enjoy more than a few or perhaps all of the offerings.

Here are our top 5 Bucerias restaurants (in no particular order):

Greek / Mediterranean food in Mexico!

1 – “Sandrinas”

The environment, art and gift boutique, art and wine gatherings and Sandrina herself make this a no-brainer (and our son LOVES her pasta).

Italian (Tuscan) food in Mexico!

2- “Toscana Mia”Toscana Mia in Bucerias

I discovered this newer restaurant on our last visit and it was excellent.  Some of the best pasta I’ve ever had, actually.  Not only was it good but it was busy with tourists and locals alike, a good sign (and it was a WINNER with the 9 year old pasta eater).  Call for a reservation or you might not get in!

On the beach under a palapa.

3 – “Karen’s Place”

Breakfast lunch and dinner.  Excellent salads, burgers and still one of my favorite fish tacos in the area.  They have expanded out a bit onto the beach and have a really neat bar area too.  Recently it’s been our first stop restaurant for dinner upon arrival.

Our 15 years and counting favorite.

4 – “Mark’s Bar and Grill”

This place is close to our heart and we have gotten to know the owners, Jan and Mark, well over the years as well as their long term staff like the delightful Pancho behind the bar.  Contemporary and creative cuisine, mariachis that entertain nightly and the restaurant is snuggled between both of Jan’s boutique’s with art, gifts, pottery, linens and more collected on their travels through Mexico.

Economical, local and delicious.

5 – “Tacos Lindas”

Low key, home cooked with love, bring your own booze if you’d like.

Meet The Tacos Linda Family

***Since this post, I feel I MUST add a restaurant to this list.  It happens to be right next to our vacation rental and our family all loves it.  La Postal serves thin crust pizza (some of the best we’ve EVER had and with gluten-free options), pastas and salads in a very relaxed garden setting.  They also have a gelato stand outside on the corner so if you feel like something sweet after your meal, you can’t miss this.

There are so many restaurants in Bucerias you will never go hungry, trust me.  And every time we go there are more.  And you always have the street vendors in the square selling tacos, chocolate covered churros (I had one of those for the first time recently and oh my…) and other treats.  We have also enjoyed Adautos’s on the Beach (great margaritas), Mar y Sol (try their “Seafood Pan) and Rosa Mexicana (lovely lit up garden through a gate on Lazaro Cardenas).

Happy eating and stay tuned for more Bucerias travel tips from gringos turned locals.


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