A Floating Playground in the Banderas Bay

A Floating Playground in the Banderas Bay

I write this post with mixed emotions.  This inflatable, giant eyesore (if I’m honest) appeared just off the shore in Bucerias, on the north shore of town past the square, in early April of this year (2017).  From the deck of our condo, it’s far away but hard to miss in the skyline.  The blue and yellow “Wibit” showed up on the scene much to the chagrin of many of the ex-pat Canadians and Americans here in town as it’s about as unnatural as it can be in it’s view interruption from many angles of the beach.

That being said,The Wibit our 10 year old son loves it.  His buddy we brought down with us this past April loved it.  Much to my surprise, despite the high cost (about 20 US dollars an hour which would seem to be cost prohibitive to the Mexican local families), it seems to be popular.  We are now here for 10 days in July/August, when it’s typically local Mexican tourism coming from Guadalajara, etc…and the Wibit is alive and well.

If you are considering a family trip and have kids (of all ages), their eyes will probably go big like saucers as they anticipate the fun they will have jumping, sliding and diving on this floating playground.  It appears to be managed safely as they have several lifeguards out there keeping watchful eyes on the activity…and all participants wear life vests.

The Wibit is the first kid-focused attraction in Bucerias of it’s magnitude.  Though I am sad about the impact on the visual experience of the Bucerias beach, I understand that it is serving a purpose.  And restaurant owners surroThe Wibitunding the Wibit are apparently also benefitting as parents waiting for their kids to finish their play gather around tables, have a drink or a bite to eat.

What can I say?  It’s symbolic of the ongoing change that occurs in this town since we first started coming 15 years ago.  The tourist demographic has been changing along with it; from few families and younger people to many enjoying the rapidly growing options that this town has to offer.

The Wibit will surely provide hours of entertainment for all kids in Bucerias (and a few adventuresome adults too).  My only observation is to go earlier in the day when the water is glassy and calm.