Best Fish Taco in Bucerias (in my humble opinion)

Best Fish Taco in Bucerias (in my humble opinion)

We love our fish tacos.  In Bucerias you can get them in a lot of places but for me, I have a favorite.  It’s probably a favorite because not only is the battered fish light, tender and juicy, it’s covered in yummy fresh salad; cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and a delicious light chipotle dressing.  You get three of them in an open faced style and I struggle to eat more than two (but they’re so good I keep pushing on).

Where do you find this trio of yumminess?  Karen’s Place on the beach in Bucerias, about a 10 minute walk north from the bridge leading to the square.  They typically only offer the fish tacos on their lunch menu but this summer they had condensed their dinner menu, including these tacos!

MargaritaBy the way, they have a great margarita too.

We love Karen’s not only for these fish tacos but for the general vibe, quality of food, view (they recently expanded their restaurant onto the beach more and have a very cute bar offering “Mixology” concoctions.  It’s one of our favorite restaurants in Bucerias at this time.  It’s less local and more “NorteAmericanos” in customers but we like to mix up our experiences when here and Karen’s is top notch.

Planning a trip to Mexico and considering Bucerias?  Our two-bedroom oceanfront Bucerias condo is a five minute walk north on the beach from Karen’s and other restaurants.