Two Sisters and Two Beautiful Boutique Shops

Two Sisters and Two Beautiful Boutique Shops

In the years that our family has been spending time in Bucerias, there has been only one true boutique store, Jan Marie’s. It will get a dedicated post of it’s own soon but for now I’m talking about Mesitiza and Milagros, two of the newest boutique stores on the scene here in Bucerias. Sisters, Marta and Hildelisa, are the owners of each.

Mestiza in BuceriasMestiza opened first on Lazaro Cardenas, the main street running parallel to the beach, and immediately became a must-stop place for me, particularly for the jewelry.  Marta travels all over Mexico; San Miguel de Allende, Taxco, Oaxaca, Mexico City and beyond to hand pick items to bring back to her shop.  I have seen a lot of silver and other jewelry, from the typical repetitive “silver” you see in the stalls and up.  Ironically, I used to find the most unique rings from a vender on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, bearing the same stamp, “Mem.”  (I never figured out where this jewelry maker was from and I haven’t seen it since anywhere).

Marta, the owner of Mestiza, takes great pride the quality and uniqueness of the items she offers.  She is kind, speaks English and is interesting.  She carries jewelry other than silver too.  Mestiza has upscale clothing for a night out (albeit dressing up in this town is not really needed anywhere but some prefer to spruce it up in the evening) as well as clutches.

Hildelisa is Marta’s sister and she owns Milagros, very recently opened and only a block or so closer to town than Mestiza.  She img_7267carries unique things she’s also procured all over Mexico but slightly different like handbags, men’s shirts, art and other interesting items.  Hildelisa also carries jewelry but with with a more ethnic flair, making a bold statement with bright colors and interesting designs.  She is also lovely and speaks English well.

The growth and change in Bucerias recently has definitely been reflected in the shops.  There is much to find in traditional Mexico stall action, of course.  And there is a middle ground to be found in places like David’s (see my prior post about his shop). But the uptick in boutique shops is a reflection of the increase in tourism.  There is truly something for everyone here.


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Talavera, Skeletons and Gifts, Oh My!

Talavera, Skeletons and Gifts, Oh My!

Bucerias has a bounty of small shops and stalls to buy local and typical Mexican gifts and keepsakes.  Like many Mexican towns, you can find a repeat of some of the same things as you meander through the stalls immediately south of the square (and a few other shops on the other side of the bridge).  These places are a treasure trove of less expensive trinkets which are always fun.

We have also had a great appreciation for quality, authentic Mexican Talavera pottery (a white glaze marked base with many color patterns available, only from the city of Puebla).  This is not quite as easy to find.  And I’ve collected skeleton art for years but I typically couldn’t find it locally but rather in neighboring towns like San Pancho or south to Puerto Vallarta.

Arte 329 Mexico: Bucerias ShopsA few trips ago we discovered a shop that has both of our favorite things; favorite typical skeleton art, Talavera and other lovely gifts.  It’s located at Lazaro Cardenas, on the right side of the street almost do the bridge that leads to the square; across from Sukha restaurant.  The owners are David Lara and his wife Sonia (not there on the day of the photos). They live in Bucerias with their two daughters.  We have purchased many things from him and he is a delightful, friendly, English speaking man.  His shop is a standout in Bucerias for authentic Talavera, skeleton art and other unique gifts of the region priced very reasonably.  The last visit we bought a beautiful new butter dish for our condo.

The shop was called David’s at last visit but he told me that they are in the process of changing the name of their shop to Arte 329 Mexico.  So if you stumble upon that sign instead, you are at the right place!

Skeleton Art in BuceriasIf you meander through town you will find there are many shopping options for knick knacks, pottery, vases, mugs and more typical tourist items like Bucerias mugs, hats and t-shirts. There is something for everyone around town.

And if more upscale boutique shops are more your style, there is a growing number of those as well!  In the last few years I’ve seen several new, stylized shops offering clothing, jewelry, handbags and more, curated from all over Mexico.


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