My Mexican Kitchen:  Cooking with Travis and Edgar

My Mexican Kitchen: Cooking with Travis and Edgar

I’d had my sights on My Mexican Kitchen for years before we finally booked a cooking class with a visiting group of friends this past February.  We had used their services for a catered birthday dinner in the past which was excellent but I knew the experience of cooking, learning about the flavors of Mexico and creating a delicious meal with friends would be a peak experience.

Travis educates.It did not disappoint.

Ahead of time we arranged to do the “Chef’s Choice” with the 6 of us which included chips/salsa, soup, main dish and side dish.  During the 3 hour class, we smelled and tasted chilis and salsas while doing minor cooking tasks with the bulk of it going on in the kitchen behind them.  This class is less participation than their 5 Course meal option but still included chopping, tortilla making and taking turns at the fryer.  It was the perfect balance for our group.  They also served a delicious agua fresca in the beginning and coffee at the end.  You may bring in the alcohol of your choice, should you desire, at no extra charge.  Tequila on the rocks and wine flowed as we enjoyed Enchiladas Verdes, Corn and Chile Soup, Battered Cauliflower and Chicken with a Chipotle Sauce.

Edgar and Travis are both delightful, speak English fluently and clearly enjoy sharing their deep knowledge of Mexican culture and in particular, food!

I asked Travis to share what is unique about the My Mexican Kitchen cooking experience:

“One of the things that we think that is unique about our cooking experience is the fact that one of the teachers is American and one is Mexican. In that way, there is a familiarity of the cuisine–and some of the likes and dislikes–of north of the border, which helps to offer dishes that are, while traditional Mexican, maybe more likely to be accepted and appreciated with ingredients that can be obtained in the United States and Canada. From the Mexican side, we have the vast culture and history of the food, and obviously the delicious recipes.”
He also said:
“We thoroughly enjoy what we do, which makes the job easy. And our clients–friends–are also people who are interested in and appreciate food, so it is a fun night…It’s also a pleasure to really opens some peoples’ eyes to the vast variety in Mexican cuisine, and see them recognize how much can be done with a basket of chiles!”
Travis and Edgar truly care about the experience of their guests:
“We hope that people will leave with a happy, full stomach and maybe a new look at Mexican food. It seems like the world of dried chiles is a bit daunting for a lot of people, so we hope to clarify some of the mystery around them and their uses. Mostly we want our clients to have had an enjoyable evening, and take away what they will, that they have more of a familiarity of Mexico in general and as part of that, its amazing cuisine.”
If you’re in Bucerias, My Mexican Kitchen is just one more unique experience to be had, among many.
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